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We have seen some really fucked up things from various Simpsons characters over the years. We see some of the lesser characters caught having sex in this new gallery from Tram Pararam. Look at this pic of Apu getting his end wet. I don’t know how he managed to close the Quickie Mart to get time for this hah.


Elsewhere we see Ned Flanders getting a hot sloppy blowjob from Milhouse’s mom. Man I laughed like a drain when I saw that one. Even Willy makes an appearance when he fucked those fat twins Thelma and Patty… make way for Willy indeed!

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Oh man this is a sweet little video clip I came across earlier while I was over at Toon Fan Club. It shows Homer and Marge getting a visit from a very attractive professional. Old Homey can’t stop his eyes from wandering all over this ladies curvaceous body… Who can blame him I’m getting a quarter chub myself looking at her!

Homer cums

When Marge goes into the kitchen to get some refreshments she looks straight at the bulge in his pants and they then lock eyes. In seconds this horny bitch has his fly undone and his fat yellow cock in her mouth and is sucking him off right there in the living room. A stunned Marge re-enters the room and rather than getting angry she joins in!

It turns into a full on threesome as the Simpsons become swinger and it all comes to a sticky end when Homer shoots of a huge load of cum all over this chicks face.

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Those so called ugly and bitter sisters Selma and Patty are the butt of manyjokes on the show but I bet you’d stop laughing when you find out what these two horny bitches get up too when no one is around. They are so bored and lonely they seek pleasure in each other. The two have been having an incestuous relationship for quite a while. Check them out here, busted sucking on each others big boobs and fingering their hairy pussies.

selma and patty

Elsewhere in Springfield that weirdo Principal Skinner has finally had enough of his domineering mother. He marches into her bedroom with a raging boner and he knows just where he intends to stick it. He lifts the old bags legs up over his shoulders and buries his hot cock deep in his moms ancient pussy. That is some fucked up shit Seymour!

weird simpsons sex

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Forget about the Marge Simpson Playboy pictures. That was so tame compared to what we’re going to show you today. We know the real dirty Marge and she likes to play. The sexy cartoon cougar likes to tease all the Springfield mens cocks with her big tits and hot ass. She even gives Bart and all his friends raging boners by giving them a peek at her curvy body.

Marge Simpson tits

Marge Simpson playboy

Marge gets horny just think about all of these guys jerking off to her after getting an eyeful. Under the bed she has a big box of sex toys and this day she found herself naked in bed with no cocks to service. She pulled out her rubber friends and started pleasuring her juicy snatch will dreaming about all the guys that want to bang her.

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A hot set of adult Simpsons pics today that show just what happens when Marge gets really horny. She heads down to Moes to find Homer and when he’s not there she starts flirting with Barney and Moe. She is eyeing the bulges in their pants and she soon is unzipping both their flies curious to see what their packing. The guys are only to keen to show her what they’ve got and they flop out their fat cocks for her. Marge grabs both their dicks and gets to work blowing them right there in the bar!

sexy marge

Barney keeps drinking while Marge gobbles his drunken cock. Homer busts her in the act and instead of getting mad joins in on this depraved cartoon sex orgy. Elsewhere Sideshow Bob is getting his long meat pole worked over by Thelma and Patty haha!

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Here’s a couple of Simpsons porn pictures that will show you just how horny a married couple can be. The always horny Homer Simpson sneaks out of the house while Marge is cleaning and heads over to see her twin sisters Thelma and Patty. He has been lusting over their big tits all night and wants to motorboat them. He gets naked and his dig dick springs to attention when he those huge boobs all up in his face.

big dick homer

marge fucking

Little does Homer know as soon as he slipped out Marge had her own kinky fun in mind. She likes to bend over the coffee table and encourage the family dog to fuck her hah! That mutt doesn’t need too much encouragement either and he mounts her big ass and gives her the dog knot cock she has been craving. Oops looks like old Homer came quicker than her as he busts them in the act!

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Old Homer found himself a little drunk one night home alone. He’d had a few too many Duff beers when Marge’s ugly sister Patty come by. He found himself getting horny for her and one thing led to another and he soon had her naked and bent over and was pumping her full of his yellow cock. His big fat beer belly pressed against her equally fat ass as he nailed her from behind.

homer sex

Else where Marge is cheating on Homer too. She is getting a portion of Apu’s Indian cock pumped into her. Thank you cum again! Even old Mr Burns and Krusty get in on the act.

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Yowza! Check out these sexy pics of cartoon MILF Marge Simpson in her skimpy swimsuit! Damn that little micro bikini leaves little to the imagination and is struggling to contain her huge tits. Mmmm can you imagine Marge running along the beach with those big funbags bouncing around in that outfit?? Even Ned Flanders would pop a boner seeing that!

marge simpson in a bikini

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Lets kick off the day with another hot batch of high quality Simpsons porn from the guys at Cartoon Reality. This time up we have some of lesser known characters getting in on the sex action with Groundskeeper Willie pumping his big Scottish cock into Reverend Lovejoy’s wife Helen. While she’s getting a pussy full of Willie the conservative whore is busy sucking off her husband and coping a face full of his steamy cum for her troubles!

adult simpsons

Take a look at the free gallery of Simpsons porn and you’ll see what other characters get up to. The drunk Barney scores a root and even old Mr Burns gets his wrinkled of dick wet while Smithers drools at the sight of it haha!

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That horny blue haired MILF Marge Simspon is showing her true colors once again in these adult sex pics from Tram Pararam. Marge goes into the bathrooms at Moe’s as she’s heard about the glory hole there. She got herself naked and started playing with herself in anticipation of what suprise might find it’s way through the hole. She didn’t have to wait long before a big black cock poked through!

nude marge simpson

Nasty dropped to her knees and started gobbling that fat dick. She sucked, slurped and licked that surprise shlong up and down till it dribbled cum all over her mouth and boobs.

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