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Good Lord if poor old Homer hasn’t got enough to worry about with Marge now starting to party with some of the Springfield manfolk, now it looks like Lisa is following in mom’s slutty footsteps. She’s had a few experience but this time she got busted big time with her mouth full of cock!

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Homey hit the roof and got mad but deep down he was really horny after seeing Lisa sucking and licking a nice big dick. He wanted his rock hard yellow boner given that hot tongue bath she had just given.

He finally got his way with the best blowjob of his life. He fucked her sweet mouth and shot a huge spurt of cum all over her smiling face.

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Who would have thought that the world’s most popular cartoon husband and wife were actually swingers? Marge may look all conservative but truth is she has an insatiable appetite for sex. Horny Homer loves sticking his big yellow dick in as many girls as he can too.

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The swingers hook up with one of Bart’s hot teachers in this revealing pic. She has her big boobs right in old Homey’s face while she rides his cock. Marge wants to play to in her kinky leather outfit. Me thinks he is in for one hell of a night the lucky SOB!!

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A hot clip for you today of one the horniest cartoon women we have ever seen – Marge Simpson! The toon mom may look all conservative in ordinary life but she loves to fuck. Homer found out the nice way when he entered the bedroom to find his sexy wife wearing next to nothing and obviously horny for the cock.

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Check out the preview movie of Marge getting stuffed doggy style. She really knows how to ride that dick and when she finishes him off with one of her famous blow jobs he releases a torrent of cum all over her face!

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Hot Marge Simpson is always looking for a chance of casual sex. When she went to the bar looking for Homer she heard about the glory hole out the back. The thought of sucking a strangers cock right there in the bar toilets made her horny. She went in and waited. Before too long she heard a man pull down his zipper and then she watched the hole waiting. A big fat brown cock poked through and Marge was salivating about the prospect of gobbling and licking that juicy sausage.

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I tell you that sexy Marge Simpson has no shame. We have posted so many pictures of her cheating on poor old Homer it’s not funny. Here she is once again in arguable her most shameless moment. Revered Lovejoy pops around to see her and as always this housewife is horny as hell. She starts eying his crotch and is soon purring and pawing all over him.

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Even this man of the cloth can’t resist naughty Marge and her advances. She notices his bulge growing and soon has his pants off. She undresses too and pushes him down onto the couch and starts sucking on his cock.

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No wonder Bart is always attention seeking when in class with a sexy teacher like Edna Krabappel. One day he gets detention for his misbehaving and when he rocks up she is waiting for him with her panties around her thighs and her pussy dripping wet. Skinner is too much of a wimpy mothers boy to hit it so now she is randy as all get out and wanting a hot cock to scratch her itch.

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So would you nail that piece of ass? I would bend the horny teacher over her desk and fill that moist hole and then nut all over her face. Maybe detention could be a daily thing if she likes it.

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I have to say I LOLed pretty hard when I was looking at these crazy Simpsons porn pics this afternoon. Bart’s homely teacher Edna Krabappel shows she is really a dirty little slut at heart in this hot fantasy scene. She gets called to Skinner’s office where he and Willy are waiting. They both look as horny as men can get and she sees this in their eyes and also the rather obvious boners growing in their trousers.

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They soon flop their cocks out and are feeing them into the teachers mouth. They back door her and fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time too. She seemed to love having her bosses cock probing deep into her asshole while Willie fucked her mouth some more.

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I often think it must be nice to be a doctor. When you have a sexy female patient come to see you it must be tempting to get her to strip naked and get very ‘hands on’ with your examination of her. Dr Hibbert here has such a dilemma. Marge Simpson comes to see him and he decided he was gonna really have some fun with her as he has fancied her for years.

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He first exams her pussy. He quickly goes from sticking his fingers in her to his whole hand. She seemed to enjoy his fisting so he pulled his cock out and made her suck on it. As you can see from these pictures it gets even more hardcore and Marge ends up with cum all over her back after her rides her ass bent over his desk.

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Old Homer took a trip to fridge before bed to get a donut and boy was he surprised by what gretted him as he came back into the bedroom. Hot Marge was in her see through baby doll nightie. Her big breasts are clearly visible through the thin fabric as is her generous ass as she bends over and gives him an eyeful.

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Before long Homey loses interest in his donut and soon has his sexy wife riding his big cock. Her pussy juice flows as he pumps her full of beef. He also bends her over and screws her doggy style too. Elsewhere in Springfield all the other characters are also getting in on the sex action!

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I have lost count of how many x-rated pictures we have posted of horny Marge Simpson caught in wild sex acts. Seems she is just insatiable little cum slut who loves nothing more than having a big dick in her mouth and another up her pussy. We have caught her out again today. This time she talks Maude Flanders into joining her and Homer for some kinky fun. Married to Flanders she sure wouldn’t see much action but she knows just what to do with Homey’s fat yellow cock.

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Even after this sex session she still wants more and take to sucking off Krusty. He has a whopping big clown cock and he really got off on slurping away at it till he filled her mouth with so much cum it flowed out like an erupting volcano.

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