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One of my favorite morning cartoons as a kid was Scooby Doo. I loved watching the crazy crime fighting gang and their adventures. I also had a big crush on Daphne and I reckon I wasn’t alone in that regard. I never really thought about Velma in that way. She was the geeky, kind of homely looking one, a bit in contrast to the sexy Daphne.

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After seeing this x-rated parody of the show I have since changed my mind. Velma is the center of attention in this picture. While shaggy gives it to her hard from behind her sexy partner in crime is busy feasting on her pussy. Not sure what old Scooby himself is doing while all this is going on but he joins in later for some doggy style action of his own!

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Poor old Shaggy was feeling a bit down so Daphne knew just what would cheer him up. She slipped into her sexy nurse uniform and walked over to him. The smile was already on his lips and she could see a bulge forming as she dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his pants off.

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He had a big cock for a skinny stoner she though as she started licking up and down it’s smooth shaft. She cupped his balls and started working on his cock head when Velma burst in to see what all the noise was. When she saw Daphne with a big mouthful of hard dick she wanted some too… Shaggy’s lucky day as you can see from the second pic.

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I often used to wonder what exactly went on in the Scooby Doo van after hours. You know 2 guys and two girls (and a dog!) working closely together all day long… surely at night a bit of hanky panky must go down. Well if this leaked sex video is anything to go by I was right! Looks like Fred and Shaggy are playing their favorite game with the girls – hide the sausage.

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Thelma and Daphne love sucking the boys off back there in the van. They both have a nice long blowjob session on both the guys before swapping around. I’ll bet even Scooby gets in on the x-rated action later too.

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Those two Scooby Doo crime fighting babes Velma And Daphne are at it again. I would have to say these two are amongst the horniest cartoon girls we have ever featured. They are always getting naked at the drop of the hat and looking to suck some cock. And if there is none available these two are happy to just go down on each other.

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In these back stage pics we see both of them fucking all their male co-stars. Even Scooby gets some action as he rides Velma’s big ass doggy style while she slurps away on Shaggy’s boner. Later they join Fred for a naughty threesome that includes plenty of pussy eating lesbian action.

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That sexy redhead Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo was the object of many of boys desires and was one of the very first cartoon babes of her time. Depicted as the wealthy good girl it’s good to see her getting down and very dirty in these wonderfully drawn sex cartoons from GoGo Celeb.

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The first sees the pretty good girl getting cornered by one of the evil bad guys. He doesn’t want anything except a fuck from her and slides his huge undead cock deep into her moist pussy and has his way with her. The other image is of little Daphne taking a fat clown cock up the ass… there’s nothing funny about that! Well maybe just a little bit heh…

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They say it’s always the quite ones. Bookish nerd girl Thelma has managed to put another notch on the bed post though. This time she sweet talks chronic stoner Shaggy into a night of awkward geek sex with her. The guy is so stoned outta his head he probably thinks he is pumping his dick into Scooby.. or even Fred haha.

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Thelma lifts her top and her big tits spill out which seems to excite old Shaggy. He stars humping her harder and before long he is ready to blow.

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That scruffy stoner Shaggy is up to his old tricks again in this Scooby Doo XXX series from Tram Pararam. Shaggy and Daphne get together for some fun in the van while the others are away. That sexy little red head Daphne has both hands wrapped around Shaggy’s suprisingly big cock. She loves giving that fat dick a handjob to get him nice and hard.

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To her surprise the geeky Thelma busts them in the act and once she spied that big cock she wanted some too. Daphne didn’t mind sharing… heh there looks like there is more than enough to go around! Soon old Shag was getting his junk sucked by both these cartoon hotties with Daphne taking that thick pole between her tits while sucking on tip of his fully engorged penis.

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Hah we’ve got some Scooby Doo porn pictures for you today from those crazy guys at Tram Pararam. Ever wondered what those two horny cartoon bitches get up to back stage? I have and they looks they get very x-rated when they think the cameras aren’t rolling. Both Daphne and her geeky gal pal Thelma are completely nude and talk Shaggy into some hot threesome action. I’m surprised that stoner could get it up! But once the girls start sucking his cock he gets a bone even Scooby would like to sink his teeth into.

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Scooby Dooby Doo where are you? Looks like he’s currently busy giving Thelma’s fat ass a good doggy style humping lol! I always though Thelma was a closet carpet muncher but it looks like she is enjoying getting reamed by Scooby’s dog cock in these pictures from Tram Pararam. The only thing that would make this picture better would be if a nude Daphne turned up for some cartoon orgy action.

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Cartoon hottie Daphne gets one in the pink and one in the stink in this Scooby Doo sex picture from Tram-Pararam. Fred gets everyones favorite toon babe into a firemans carry carry and rams his fat cock into her tight pussy while a drugged out Shaggy goes backdoor. I think Shaggy is used to going in the back entrance from years of fucking Scooby lol.

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