Gay Toons

Imagine if all your favorite super heroes were really homosexual. To be honest I have had my suspicions about a couple of them. Well these revealing pictures show that some of them swing both ways. Whether they are just bi-curious or full on queer, we will let you decide.

gay Batman

Batman and long time crime fighting ally Superman are caught in the act having gay sex with each other. Their super powers come in handy too as they engage in some acrobatic and crazy sexual maneuvers. I must admit I LOLed hard at that top image.

homosexual super heros

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Poor old Fry. He is always striking out with Leela and Amy and going to bed horny. One night after failing to get into either of the girls panties yet again he bumped into the Captain on his way back to his room. Seems he was just as horned up as Fry and he intimated to him they should pleasure each other. Well he considered it for all of three seconds before agreeing!

homo toons

Five minutes later Fry had his mouth stuffed full of his fat meaty cock. He was enjoying sucking his first dick and felt a finger slide up his ass. This also felt really good to him. He thought ‘fuck the girls’, gay sex with his fellow male crew members was all he needed.

All the other guys join in on the homosexual hijinks too. Check out the free gallery for proof! If you like what you see then head to the Just Cartoon Dicks site for loads more homosexual toons.

It looks like their is a secret side of Springfield. A side where many of the male characters like to have some gay fun with each other away from the ladies. Just look at these pictures for proof of the hot man on man action they get down to.

gay blowjob

First Homer meets up with one of the local cops. He lays on his back and gets his fat yellow cock sucked by the officer till he rewards his mouth with a big load of cum. Elsewhere Flander’s even gets in on the homo fun as he gives Principle Skinner a rimjob before slurping away at his hard dick.

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Well the American Dad series has arguably two of the sexiest female cartoon characters around. We have seen both those hotties get fucked by the male characters before here at SCP. It seems though that the guys have just as good a time when the girls away!

gay hentai

They all love the cock and a good hard ass fucking. Want proof? Check out these pictures of the depraved gay sex session they have one night while the girls are out. There’s dicks being crammed into tight assholes and cum flying everywhere as the boys fuck themselves to exhaustion.

ass sex

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For those that see we don’t post enough gay cartoon porn here at SCP we hear ya and today we’ve got a double dose for you. First up is a series of Family Guy gay fun where all the male characters are sick of the women and have turned to each other for their sex relief. Leading the pack is Peter Griffin who is loves nothing more than a big cock in his mouth and up his ass. His buddy Glen is pumping him full of his fat dick while having his own asshole pleasured by a huge beaded dildo! Check out the free gallery to see more of the guys getting down and dirty with each other.

peter griffin gay sex

Elsewhere the South Park men have all turned gay too. Chef, Randy, Mr Mackey, Mr Garrison and the rest of them have been overcome with cock lust and are fucking each others brains out.

anal sex

Just Cartoon Dicks specialize in gay porn parodies from popular cartoon series. There you will find gay cartoon sex from shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, The Flintstones and more.

A double dose of gay cartoons for you today courtesy of Gay Comics. The first preview gallery shows some hot army porn action. Some of the soldiers are quite horny and turned to some man loving in their barracks. Right in the middle of sucking each others cocks and butt fucking the drill Sargent bursts in and busts them big time. Instead of being angry he wants to join in the homo action and whips his big swinging dick out and orders the soldiers to suck it.

army blowjob

The other free gallery shows a couple of frat boys who get involved in their first gay experience after going to a male strip club. The fat boy gets a big mouth full of black cock and nearly chokes on it while his buddy seems to really love getting drilled in the ass and face fucked at the same time. These two get passed around between the hunky gay strippers like a bag of Cheetos. The whole evening ends with the frat boys being surrounded by the guys who jerk off and blast their faces with hot steamy cum.

boys facial

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It’s not everyday you see something like this, but today we’ve got gay Simpsons porn! Hah it seems that Homer and some of his buddies love nothing more than having a big cock in their mouth! In these revealing pictures from Just Cartoon Dicks old Homer (or should that be homo gulp!) looks to be having some big gay fun with some of his cartoon buddies.

gay homer

First he hooks up with Hermes from Futurama. Homer pulls out his fat yellow cock and Hermes greedily gobbles him. While Homer is getting his BJ he fucks his own ass with one of Marges ribbed vibrators lol. I hope Marge doesn’t notice the smell next time she gets it out!

apu fucking homer

Home then goes to the Kwiki Mart and combines his too favorite things – eating and getting ass fucked. Homer chows down on some hotdogs while Apu injects his own special frankfurter into Homer’s asshole. Oh man!

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We don’t often feature gay hentai porn here at SCP but today we have a hot picture gallery for you from the guys at Gay Comics. This series features two muscular studs working out hard in the gym. These cartoon hunks go from pumping iron to pumping each others sweaty assholes in this homosexual jock fantasy. The action gets very hot in this locker room as the two hung studs suck each others fat cocks and take turns pumping each other full of semen.

gay hentai pic

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Today we’ve got some hot gay cartoon porn and cartoon sex pictures from the guys at In these pics we have a white twink being passed around between two huge black studs. His tight ass and mouth get reamed by their massive black cocks in these homosexual toons. Ha this skinny anime twink takes all 12 inches of that black dick up his asshole and while the other dude fucks his mouth. He ends up getting a a huge faceful of cum as both these huge jocks blow their load all over him.

gay cartoons

gay cartoons

These are just a small preview of the hot gay cartoon pics that are available at Gay Comics. They have loads of humourous and raunchy gay and shemale fantasy toons. Check them out!

At Sexy Cartoon Porn today we are featuring more of the fantastic gay boy anime from the homosexual toons masters at These guys do some spectacular erotic gay fantasty cartoons like these free sample homo-toons below. These two gay boys jerk each other off in a mutual masterbation fantasy session till they both shoot a big load of cum all over each other! They then team up with another hentai gay boy for some hot gay cartoon sex.

gay boy anime

gay boy anime

If your like these free sample pics then head over to to see the rest of their fantasy artwork. Their site is filled to the brim with gay, lesbian and shemale anime and hentai.

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