Whenever I am in the mood to play with the SexVilla 2 software of late I end up just creating female characters. I like making 2 or 3 really good looking avatars and then get them to slowly undress each other and kiss.

playing with her boobs

It’s funny the last two characters I made were based on two hot girls that work at my gym. It was hot as hell to see those two in game in sexy lingerie. It was even hotter when I got them to start fingering each others pussies!

lesbians fingering each other

Once I really got going it was like being a director in a movie. I was controlling what would happen next between them. In the end I got too horny and introduced my character into the fantasy and was soon getting a hot tandem blowjob from the two gym bunnies of my dreams haha!

girls kissing

Does this sound like your kind of adult video game? You can download a free demo from their website at SexVilla 2. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

It’s just about every straight mans ultimate fantasy – two girls at the same time. For whatever reason it is even hotter when both girls know each other. If they are sisters or twins then you can consider yourself beyond lucky… buy a lottery ticket immediately!

public sex

For most of us mortals banging two girls like this probably won’t ever happen short of paying a couple of escorts. Good news though, you can live out your kinky sexual fantasies via the SexVilla 2 adult video game. Look at these screen shots of a couple of players having a hot threesome with the ladies of his creation.

two chicks at once

Does this seem like your kind of fun? Download the free demo of the game at SexVilla 2 and play it for yourself. There is a big community that play and create add-ons for the game too.

Over the holiday period I did a bit more gaming than usual. No, I didn’t drag out the xbox but got stuck into what I regard as the best porn games for adults. I’ve tried most of the various free flash based ‘sex games’ but really they are very crude and quite basic when compared to the SexVilla 2 software.

hottest sexual positions

sex within a game

video game threesome with one girl

At first it’s a bit harder to come to grips with all the options and customizations at your fingertips but that is a good thing. Certainly better than just pressing the same button over and over again like some other free online sex games that I won’t name.

I could bang on and on about all the features but you can see them all at a glance at the SexVilla 2 site. Head over to download the free demo and take it for a spin yourself.

It pretty much has rained all weekend and spoiled my plans to go out hiking. Nevermind though as it did allow me time to play some 3D SexVilla 2. I picked up where I last left off and immediately got back into the fantasy world I have been building. I am still amazed how the hours disappear once I start playing this game.

sexy school costume

This is the type of game where you get what you put in. It will allow you to bring to life your sexual fantasies (within reason of course) in a way no other adult software can provided you put some time and effort in learning and of course creating.

sex fantasies

Currently you can download a free trial version of the game from their official site 3D SexVilla 2. Grab it and take it for a spin and then upgrade to the full version to unlock all the features of this porn game.

We have shared our thoughts about our favorite adult video game of all time SexVilla several times before and we continue to be impressed by what the ‘game’ is capable of and the improvements they constantly make to the software.

young blonde

The makers work very hard to provide the very best x-rated gaming experience available and it shows. Here’s a few screen shots of the sort of 18 plus fun you can get up to with the game. The graphics are very good and miles beyond what all the free adult flash games look like.

nude game

The software also allows users to create and share models and textures etc which makes the game even bigger and more customizable. There is a large community of fellow players and mod makers that meet at their Gamerotica site that all players get access to.

big cumshot

Stop reading and grab the free demo version from 3D SexVilla 2 and take it for a spin yourself. We rarely encounter anyone who has a negative review of this adult game and urge everyone to at least try the demo.

No I am not talking about Lara Croft or any of the fighting girls Street Fighter, Tekken or DOA. No, the hottest video game babes are ones I have seen in 3D Sex Villa 2. Check out these three absolute stunning looking girls that a player shared with the community via their forum.


He has them all outfitted in some really sexy lingerie. I particularly like the Playboy bunny ears on the gorgeous dark haired babe. All three of them are hot for each other in this scene straight from his imagination to the screen.

lingerie girls

They indulge in some light lesbian bondage and I’m sure he enjoyed putting them through their paces. I would have been tempted to throw a male character (ie me) into the mix as well, but it’s fantasy and he must like to watch.

bondage lesbians

Try the free demo available at 3D SexVilla 2 and see what all the fuss is about.

Well maybe not for real, but it’s nice to live out such a fantasy virtually if you don’t have the stones to do it in real life. That’s right our favorite porn video game 3D Sex Games can make this scenario happen! One player shared some pics of his latest adventure with the software and I have to give him props for this hot fantasy.

beach sex

nudist beach

public blowjob

He created his ideal fuck buddy put her in a skimpy bikini and took her to a beautiful beach location with white sand and crystal blue water. They engaged in some foreplay first right there on the beach and soon enough they were both naked and engaging in some mutual oral. I’ve heard of nudist beaches but this is one I would love to visit!

Do these screen shots give you any ideas? They sure gave me a few! Grab a free demo of the adult game for yourself from the 3D Sex Games site and take it for a test drive. I’ve yet to meet anyone who wasn’t impressed by the games level of immersion and customization.

I tell ya this current fad with shitty tween movies like the Hunger Games is really annoying. I am way more interested in porn games being the pervert that I am. We often post about the superb 3D Sex Games which has been our favorite for quite some time.


A lot of x-rated games are quite crude and very simplistic so you get bored of them very quickly. This title on the other hand has lots of depth and a tonne of options and tools to play around with so the things you can do inside the game is limited only by your imagination.

club sex

In these pics a player set up a nice club scene with a sexy raven haired singer. After putting her in a hot and revealing little outfit so she could tease him he was able to nail her sweet little pussy in all kinds of crazy positions right there in the club.

Wanna play too? You are missing out big time if you don’t at least try the free demo available at 3D Sex Games. Take it for a spin and see what you think.

When you see some of the school girls in their tiny little skirts that barely cover any of their legs and not much of of their butts you wonder how any male teacher can possibly stand it all day every day! I mean surely they are driven to absolute distraction by some of these naughty schoolgirls. I wonder if the gamer than made this scenario is a teacher and living out his repressed sexual fantasy via this very adults only video game.

sexy schoolgirl

sex with teacher

xxx game

So he has made your typical hot student. She looks sexy as they come in her little plaid skirt that is riding up revealing her smooth thighs and white cotton panties. He keeps her after class for detention even though she didn’t do much wrong he saw an opportunity to spend some time with this sexy little prick teaser.

In game he is free to fuck her any way he wants. He choses the positions, the location and what she is wearing in this fantasy.

Want to play too? Visit Hentai 3D and down the free demo and see what x-rated gaming fun you have been missing.

I tell ya some days it’s almost torture at the gym. I don’t mean a vicious trainer putting me through my paces either. I am referring to some the absolutely perfect girls that always seem to get on piece of equipment right in front of me and proceed to tease my dick for the rest of the session. Oh they know just what they are doing too.

gym sex

Most of them are completely unobtainable to the vast majority of us and all it does is send you home horny. We all love to fantasize that one day you’ll nail one of these sexy fitness babes maybe even right there in the gym. Ya right that ain’t gonna happen.. ever! Oh well it’s nice fantasize and with a game like 3D Sexvilla 2 you can live out you dirty sex fantasies like the player who created this scene.

sexy fitness

Live out your own sexual fantasies and kinks via the best porn game we have ever played – 3D Sexvilla 2. You can download a free demo version and take it for a spin. Our only word of warning to you is it is massively addicting and you will lose hours fooling around it with it. Give it a bash!

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