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Hot little Meg Griffin has become quite the tease. She’s all geeky and stuff but she is a sexy thing and takes after her mom. In this video we see her naughty side come out with vengeance. She’s found herself a nice big cock to play with and after watching mom all her life she knows just what to do with it. She works her playful tongue all over it and then takes as much of it as she can in her mouth and sucks it til it blows cum all over her sweet face.

Family Guy porn video with Meg Griffin

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Wow talk about a deer in headlights! Lois looks like she is busted big time here as her unquenchable thirst for sex gets the better of her once again. This shocking picture shows her doing it with Chris. When she saw her sons big cock getting hard she just wanted it badly. He was more than keen and mom was soon sucking him off.

Chris and Lois sex

Lois gets on top and rides his dick. It must have been heaven for him with her big boobs in his face and that bubble butt bouncing up and down on his cock. They both looked like they really got off on the incest and I think they’ll be having a lot more sex with each other in the future.

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Every ones favorite cartoon cougar is on the prowl again. That’s right sexy Lois Griffin just can’t seem to get enough of the cock. Peter is away so once again she has too look elsewhere for a helping. His buddy Glenn is always sniffing around her juicy round ass and she lets him know she is down to fuck. In not time she is unzipping his pants and working his eager prick with her cum hungry mouth.

family guy parody

She then pushes him down onto the bed and climbs on top. She reaches back and guides his erect cock into her warm wet hole so she can ride him like a naughty cowgirl. He sucks on her perky MILF tits while she bounces that delectable bubble butt up and down on him.

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We’ve posted quite a bit of Family Guy porn over the time we have been running and to this day it is probably the most popular of all the stuff we post. It’s a funny show and it does lend itself well to an x-rated version with the sexy Lois and Meg lighting it up for us.

meg and peter

When they think the cameras have stopped rolling for the day things get really wild on set. Check out these two pictures for a good example of just what they get up too off air. Like the rest of us they get horny too and there is a whole of steamy sex going on between all the characters.

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Oh my Peter and Cleveland get really drunk and when his hot daughter Meg shows up to tell him to come home both men notice her developing body. Her perky tits pressing against the tight thin fabric of her t-shirt and her round ass just like her mothers.

x-rated Family Guy

Cleveland’s big dick is so hard it is just about popping out of his fly and Peter too has a chubby as he lusts after Meg. She is happy to please her daddy and his friend so she gets naked with them and lets them stick their big daddy cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass like a good girl.

Meg Griffin sex

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That always horny cartoon MILF Lois Griffin loves nothing more than a mouthful of cock and her favorite one to suck is her hubbies. Check out this video clip of her going to work on his fat dick with her sweet mouth. She works her tongue all over his heavy cum swollen balls then up and down his shaft all the while dreaming of the drenching she is going to get when he finally cums.

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He doesn’t disappoint her either. After a lot more slurping and sucking Peter finally erupts spurting hot cum all over his sexy wifes face.

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Those horny Griffins are at it again. They must be the biggest sex maniac family on television as they are always screwing each other at any opportunity they get. There’s nothing taboo with this family either… incest seems to be their hobby!

family guy porn

We have a preview of a fresh new batch of Family Guy porn pictures for you today. Here you’ll see just what I mean with x-rated images of Chris fucking his hot sister Meg, Stewie perving on Lois on the toilet, Peter taking some naughty nude pics of her and then getting his cock gobbled by his Clevelands wife. And that is just the beginning!

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Perhaps the hottest of all cartoon moms and a big favorite here at SCP is Lois Griffin. She has shown herself to be insatiable little cum slut over the years. We have seen her sucking all of Peter’s friends cocks on several occasions and even having a suck on Chris’ fat dick.

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She doesn’t have sneak around or cheat on her fat hubby either. He likes watching his sexy wife blowing other men and getting her pussy reamed. Check out this picture of him pitching a tent as he watches her get fucked by the pizza boy. Don’t worry he gets his turn later when she comes to bed still horny for more. He fucks her mouth and busts a big cum nut all over her face and tits.

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Of all the sexy cartoon cougars I think Lois Griffin is my favorite. There is just something so hot about this mom. On one side she is all sweet and wholesome but this woman has a wild side too. She just loves sex and fat husband Peter just can’t satisfy her so she seeks out pleasure with anyone who is willing. Check out this free gallery for a prime example of just how hot and horny Lois gets when Peter is not around.

meg sucking cock

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She first mets up with one of his buddies. She had heard from another girl that he had a really big cock and she wanted a taste. She got more than that though. Once she had hist pants down and that huge dick in her mouth she sucked him til he shoot a big was of steamy cum down her throat.

If that’s enough when she got home she even let the dog have some fun with her. I’ve heard of doggy style but this is nuts haha!

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Time once again to see what those horny Griffins are up too when the cameras stop rolling. This Family Guy porn scene from GoGo Celeb shows what really goes on behind closed doors. Here we see Peter’s buddies Glenn and Cleveland getting it on with Meg. They both take a turn getting their fat cocks sucked by her before they double team her. She gets both her holes plugged!

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Elsewhere chubby Peter and Lois Griffin have sex. He fucks his busty wife good and proper till he cums inside her dripping wet pussy. This Family Guy sex comic is what I wish we could see on our TV screens every week!

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