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Lots of guys first developed the hots for sexy Sarah Chalke when they first saw her in Scrubs. I was already a fan of the gorgeous young actress when she took over the role of Becky (2nd Becky) on Roseanne. It’s a massive shame we don’t see more of her on screen.

Sarah Chalke nude

So feeling nostalgic I remembered a little series of hand drawn hentai pics of Sarah I had on my hd. Both are from the Famous Comics site and as always they almost look real. You are never going to see her in these sorts of shots for real so I dare say this is as close as you will get to seeing her in throes of ecstasy.

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Want more hot drawn celebrity porn? Then be sure to hit up the Famous Comics site to see all your favorite famous women nude and x-rated.

Alright you pervs stop bothering me about posting some nude pictures of Miley Cyrus, today is your day. We have some really nice fake nude photos of the pretty Hannah Montana star for you to drool over finally. I picked out a couple from the series and both show that sexy little body you have no doubt been dreaming of.

Miley Cyrus nude

Like we said all of these are faked and not real of course. She may be a wild chick but she is not quite doing porn yet, as much as we would like for that to be true. I do think it may just be a matter of time… hopefully!

Miley Cyrus naked

These Miley Cyrus nude fakes come courtesy of the Fake Fantasy site. You can see more of Miley naked and lots more of the world’s sexiest female celebrities.

I think the only guys still watching the Twilight series either have to due to their girl wanting to see it or the ones that just can’t get enough of sexy little Kristen Stewart who of course plays Bella Swan.

bella sexy

I spotted this little Twilight Saga Eclipse porn parody and thought these pics were really hot. This is how we all which those sappy love scenes really went! Hot Bella shows her sexual side as she fucks all the sexy guys like Xavier Samuel as Riley, Robert Pattinson and more.

edward sex scene

Oh you know you want to see more of these steamy pictures. Join the Famous Comics site to see tonnes of their all original celebrity hentai.

Ok so we don’t very often post anything that is not toon related but today I wanted to make an exception. Why? Because last night I watched the Big Bang Theory porn parody I had been hearing about for a few weeks from a couple of friends. I love the real show, and like many guys the world over I am sure, have a massive crush on cute Penny played by the sexy Kaley Cuoco, so needless to say I was very much looking forward to seeing this x-rated version.

I think they did a nice job with the casting. The girl playing Penny does look a lot like her as do most of the other characters like Leslie, Sheldon and even Leonard lol. They do a decent job with all their mannerisms and quirks too.

Take a look at the video trailer for a small peek at some of the crazy action as the nerds all finally get to fuck the daylights out of sexy Penny. I do mean ‘just a peek’ too. The full movie is an epic 163 minutes long and can be download exclusively from Parody Pass. They also have many more XXX parodies from various other television series and feature films. Become a member and get them all!

There are so many smoking hot MILFs in the television series Desperate Housewives it is hard to know where to look first. I’ll go through the list of the main sexy moms: we have Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp, Dana Delany plays Katherine Mayfair, Nicollette Sheridan played Edie Britt and of course the sexy Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis. If you wouldn’t bang all of these famous mature women then I have to question your sexuality I am afraid.

Desperate Housewives

I never was a huge fan of the show itself apart from the obvious non-stop eye candy offered. I still watched every week to get a look at all the sexy older rich ladies – like many a boyfriend or husband haha!

horny milfs

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There is no hotter redhead at the moment but sexy Christina Hendricks. I love this womans voluptuous curves and I know I am not alone there. No idea what her bust measurements are or what cup size those cantaloupes are but damn that is a killer rack. She knows it too and is none to shy about wearing low cut dresses to the various awards shows so everyone can see her mountainousness cleavage God bless her!

Christina Hendricks boobs

Christina Hendricks sex

I found some hentai style sexy pictures of the mega busty actress at Famous Comics. I love these two the most. The first shows her in see thru sheer lingerie. Her huge breasts look like they want out as she bounces around her mans cock. Hot!

You can see more of this style of celebrity hentai at Famous Comics.

I was enjoying my morning espresso this morning and browsing through these nice illustrations of sexy blonde Carrie Underwood. It was a nice start to the day to see this gorgeous celebrity drawn in all her naked glory. I have long wanted to see her spread those sexy legs and show us what is between them those luscious thighs. As you can see from this picture in particular that is one tasty looking pussy!

Carrie Underwood nude

They haven’t stopped at drawing her nude either. There are other pics of her getting it on with a guy who fills her pretty famous pussy with his dong. I like these hentai style pics as much as the Carrie Underwood fakes I saw at Yovo and that is a big statement!

If you like these then be sure to visit Famous Comics.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Black Eyed Peas of late. They are such a good group and I like to listen to their stuff loud in the car, it’s good driving music I find. I always like their music videos too and of course it doesn’t hurt that front woman Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie is so hot. I definitely like seeing her in the sexy outfits she wears at times.

Stacy Ferguson nude

Fergie sex

I got to wandering if she ever bangs any of her fellow band members then I saw this porn parody series! Looks like she does. Check her out getting nailed by Will.i.am, Taboo and Apl.de.ap. Now if they made a music video out of this I would be happy!

I also enjoyed seeing some Fergie nude fakes recently and have kept those along with these hentai pics for my ‘Gold’ celebrity folder.

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After watching the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film I was once again reminded what a gorgeous young woman Hermione Granger has developed into. I doubt there is male fan out there that isn’t secretly in love with her. We have never really gotten to see any skin… these are PG sort of films after all so I was surprised to see that brief topless kissing scene. Yes, yes, you couldn’t really see anything anyway but still.

Hermione Granger nude

I found this hot picture of Hermione lifting her skirt and giving us a glimpse of her little pussy. Her pokie nipples are pressing against her blouse too. Imagine if they dressed her like this in the next film! Now that would make for a truly great end to the series!

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More celebrity hentai coming your way today. The pretty young actress Emily Osment is a current favorite of mine. This girl really is gorgeous. One of those teens that it almost hurts to look at in fact. She is a very G rated kinda of gal though after all her Spy Kids and Hannah Montana success. Too bad because I would definitely love to see her dressed all nasty or better yet completely naked. I’m sure I am not alone on that front. In fact I know I am not because I notice several people have requested we post some Emily Osment nude pictures.

Emily Osment nude

Well these realistic looking cartoon style pics of her naked and riding some dick should hit the spot. They are from the Famous Comics site you specialize in these style of nude celebrity parodies. They have tonnes more famous females with their clothes off and getting very x-rated so if you want more be sure to pay them a visit.

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