One of my favorite morning cartoons as a kid was Scooby Doo. I loved watching the crazy crime fighting gang and their adventures. I also had a big crush on Daphne and I reckon I wasn’t alone in that regard. I never really thought about Velma in that way. She was the geeky, kind of homely looking one, a bit in contrast to the sexy Daphne.

scooby doo x-rated parody

After seeing this x-rated parody of the show I have since changed my mind. Velma is the center of attention in this picture. While shaggy gives it to her hard from behind her sexy partner in crime is busy feasting on her pussy. Not sure what old Scooby himself is doing while all this is going on but he joins in later for some doggy style action of his own!

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I had to laugh when I saw these rather confronting pictures of Randy And Sharon Marsh from South Park engaged in the throes of ecstasy. So this is what goes on after Stan leaves the house? The happily married couple are really going for it for while they have the chance it would seem. They race upstairs to the bedroom for some quality one of one time.

South Park sex scene

Randy throws his horny wife onto the bed and drops his pants and to her great delight he has a big boner. She rubs her big breasts and moans as he plugs his big cartoon cock into her wet and willing snatch. The camera in his hand is a classic! Making his own home made porno. I can just imagine him and some of the other South Park parents sharing these sorts of sexy videos amongst themselves.

Sharon Marsh and Randy

Randy is still, well randy and after banging his wife and ends up paying a visit to one of Stan’s sexy teachers. He has lusted after her body ever since he first saw her at a parent teacher night. She was keen for it and knew he had a big dick from the rumors going around. He gives it to her raw dog from behind and blows a big load all over her pretty ass.

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Good Lord if poor old Homer hasn’t got enough to worry about with Marge now starting to party with some of the Springfield manfolk, now it looks like Lisa is following in mom’s slutty footsteps. She’s had a few experience but this time she got busted big time with her mouth full of cock!

lisa and homer sex shock

Homey hit the roof and got mad but deep down he was really horny after seeing Lisa sucking and licking a nice big dick. He wanted his rock hard yellow boner given that hot tongue bath she had just given.

He finally got his way with the best blowjob of his life. He fucked her sweet mouth and shot a huge spurt of cum all over her smiling face.

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We always try and give our visitors the stuff they want to see and seeing as I’ve had a few requests for pictures of sexy Gwen Tennyson doing Ben I thought I’d post this shot! Love the look on her sweet face as she sucks his cock. Her little tongue works all over it, up and down til it’s dripping wet with her saliva. Then she takes as much of it in her mouth as she can and sucks him dry.

Gwen Tennyson goes x-rated

If the mind blowing orgasm Ben Tennyson got wasn’t enough she wasn’t finished with him just yet. She has a knack for keeping guys hard and it wasn’t long before she had him deep inside her pussy. They both know that cousins shouldn’t really be having sex with each other, but the pleasure they get doing each other is just too good. Damn, wish Gwen was my cousin!

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Looks like everyones favorite one eyed cartoon babe is in a horny mood today according to these pictures. A nude Leela was looking for a fuck buddy and could only find Bender around. She led him to her bedroom and spread her legs showing him her purple muff. Poor old Bender doesn’t have a cock so he had to make do with fisting Leela! LOL she seemed to enjoy it regardless!

bender and leela sex

Bender’s metallic cock looks to have hit the spot by the looks of things. That one pretty eye nearly rolled back in her head as Bender fisted her purple pussy.

leela nudity

She was still randy after being fucked by Bender so she went searching for more of her cast members to get down and dirty with. She only found Amy and the two of them got naked and had a hot lesbian encounter. They fucked each other with a huge double ended dildo before eating out each others box!

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Hot little Meg Griffin has become quite the tease. She’s all geeky and stuff but she is a sexy thing and takes after her mom. In this video we see her naughty side come out with vengeance. She’s found herself a nice big cock to play with and after watching mom all her life she knows just what to do with it. She works her playful tongue all over it and then takes as much of it as she can in her mouth and sucks it til it blows cum all over her sweet face.

Family Guy porn video with Meg Griffin

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Whenever I am in the mood to play with the SexVilla 2 software of late I end up just creating female characters. I like making 2 or 3 really good looking avatars and then get them to slowly undress each other and kiss.

playing with her boobs

It’s funny the last two characters I made were based on two hot girls that work at my gym. It was hot as hell to see those two in game in sexy lingerie. It was even hotter when I got them to start fingering each others pussies!

lesbians fingering each other

Once I really got going it was like being a director in a movie. I was controlling what would happen next between them. In the end I got too horny and introduced my character into the fantasy and was soon getting a hot tandem blowjob from the two gym bunnies of my dreams haha!

girls kissing

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While the boys are away the girls will play! Usually they say the reverse of that phrase but not so today. Some of the hottest toon babes are pretty much horned up and ready for naughty fun all the time and there are no taboos in toonland.

Leela and Amy lesbian fun

First up Amy Wong is in the shower when Leela ‘accidentally’ walks in on her. She doesn’t mind and Leela gets naked and joins her. They soap up each others large boobs as the steamy water runs all over their delicious nude bodies. You can only imagine what happens when they get out and towel each down!!

Wilma and Betty xxx

Wilma and her sexy neighbor Betty Ruble up the anti when their hubbies are at work smashing rocks. They have their own xxx fun. First they try fucking each other with a huge vegetable, when that breaks they start fisting one another!

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Some hot toons coming your way today with some x-rated Avengers. These sexy super heroes get up to all kinds of kinky behavior when the crime fighting is done for the day.

Iron Man porn

Iron Man may be made of steel but he still gets wood. His sexy girl friday Pepper Potts is only too keen help him with that. His suit opens and his big dick pops out for her to grab hold of suck til he gives her his super cum. Not to be outdone else onboard Captain America also gets a hot blowjob.

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A couple of long term visitors to Sexy Cartoon Porn asked me about posting some Avatar Legend Of Korra hentai some time. I don’t watch it myself but the main character sure is hot. That is all the encouragement I needed heh. I found some very hardcore images of Korra doing all sorts of naughty things with her handsome co-stars.

Legend Of Korra Hentai

Korra gets undressed and lets her big boobs loose first. They are whoppers and her partner is quick to suck them and then slap his dick between them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as you can see. She gets nailed big time and then covered in cum.

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